San Francisco to Beijing – Americans Have Swine Flu

Email to Rory, June, 26, 2009:

We’ve finally landed and now we are waiting for health officials to come and take everyone’s temperature. They are doing another big plane first. We had to fill out a health certificate with info like where we are going in the next week, where we have been, contacts, etc. I watched three movies (none were all that great), read, slept, and stood and talked for a bit. We had two meals and a snack of noodles.

The first class seats are freaking crazy. They have seats that turn into beds, electric outlets, TV size screens, storage compartments, USB ports, nice headphones and who knows what else.

The health officials have big goggles, masks, gloves, and lab coats or piloty type shirts. They are taking our temperatures with a quick scan to the forehead and they are moving pretty fast…except for the people three of them are around…if they have a temp three rows around them are kept. They are in my row and sitting next to someone in our group and now there are four officials. People are taking lots of pictures. They are letting us off now and it is instant frenzy. I guess I should go.

Below is the recording we saw in all the Chinese airports while traveling in country concerning the Swing Flu:


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