Lijiang to Shanghai

Email to Rory on July 13, 2009:

I am writing from Shanghai now. I am pretty exhausted and I am getting a cold. Wireless isn’t going to work for me in the hotel and it costs about .45 cents a minute to use their business center.

Sign in the coffee shop across the way from our hotel in Lijiang.

This is supposed to be the most “cosmopolitan” city in China. So far it seems to be filled with high-end 5th Avenue type shops. I am hoping we focus more on the interesting history of the city and not go on shopping sprees.

I admit that I am tired and cranky tonight. Mostly it is the travel day, my cold, the prissy city, the 88 degree weather at night,etc. I am sure I will have a lot of fun, but I am just tired right now. Today our bus broke down in the mountains on the way to the airport. The driver couldn’t get out of first gear and then it died. We waited around for another bus to pick us up. We made it in time.

I am really exhausted so I am going to sleep now.

Did I mention there is a LOT of construction everywhere in China? :)

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