Lijiang – Being sick sucks

Email to Rory on July 11, 2009:

This place is very touristy, but I like it. It feels a lot like Old San Juan, only it’s Chinese. Right now I am trying not to be sick so I can go to the Naxie Opera tonight. I had something at lunch today that made me decidedly sick. Unfortunately, my stomachs turned over not long after when we were walking through a nature preserve. Not the ideal facilities. So I had to make it back to the drop off point with the bus and then walk through the no car zone without my stomach exploding. I made it back and then took a 3 hour nap. I’m still not totally better, but I managed to eat half a sandwhiches and took some meds. I am not eating any kind of Chinese Pork ever again because that appears to be what does it, no matter what kind or how it is cooked.

The wetland preserve we visited. The animals in the background are horses.

Anyway, other than that, this leg of the trip is pretty cool. I really love the Himalayas and we should see them together sometime. The largest mountain nearby is the edge of the Tibetan plateau and is called Jade Dragon Mountain. It is over 18,000 ft high. If I feel well enough I will try to get up early and climb the nearby hill to get clear pictures. It definately has clouds around it that high and morning is the best shot for clear pics.

Well, I better go. I am going to give the Opera a shot. I will try to Skype before I go to sleep.


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