Casper to Denver

Email to Rory, June 24, 2009:

I am sitting at my gate in Denver and I thought I would see if I can type an email and save it to send later on the iPod. My flight has been delayed because the toilet has a leak. Wohoo. There are lots of stranded and standby people around due to cancelled flights. I am not really sure why.

I had a lot of fun on the Casper flight. There were only 18 people so they spread is out so we pretty much had our own row. It was clear to just south of Laramie, so I pretty much looked out the window the whole time. It was really cool to fly over places I know. I got to see our house in Casper and I saw Gill’s house too. The clouds came soon after. We were flying low enough we were going in and out of the clouds. It was really cool to watch.

Ok, so this is my test email [From the iPod Touch]. Life will be easier if it saves!


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